Patented zero-knowledge consent-free sensitive Personally-Identifiable Information (PII) authentication solution.

The Problem

Cross-Organization Verification of Sensitive Personally-Identifiable Information remains an issue.

  • No easy way exists for institutions to avoid collecting PII but yet remain able to verify PII as part of Business-as-Usual processes
  • PII is collected and maintained by many institutions at great risks for KYC & identity verification purposes, increasing chances of PII disclosure via data breaches
  • Data breach consequences are heavily increased to billions for government, banks, companies, and individuals

PIIAuth is unique since it empowers institutions to validate and confirm the private details of other institutions' customers without any such institutions having to share sensitive PII with any 3rd parties (not even with PIIAuth), without having to expose APIs, and without having to collect PII owners' consent, helping eradicate the needs of maintaining sensitive PII while remaining capable of performing BAU KYC and identity verification operations as usual

Quite uniquely, PIIAuth refrains from becoming a repository of all valid PII despite making cross-organizational PII authentication possible

The Solution

The Solution

Our novel patented 'PII Certificates' solve the issue for all and for good with some unique attributes!


Create PII Certificates

As a PII Host (e.g. a government agency issuing driver licenses), without sharing PII with PIIAuth or any other party, in a single step, create a PII certificate for customer and include as many PII items as desired. This is a batch process run locally without sending PII out.


Authenticate PII

As a PII Verifier (e.g. a bank or a telco entity), without sending out or sharing PII with PIIAuth or any other party, verify the PII belonging to a PII Host's customers securely. You remain compliant to all privacy laws. No need to collect customer's consent for PII Authentication.


Refrain from Maintaining PII

Prevent fraud, detect incorrect PII, let PIIAuth take on the trouble of verifying PII anytime desired, make becoming a target for data breaches a moot point by refraining from maintaining PII, leaving minimalistic private data-sets in your portfolio, heavily reducing your exposure in data breaches!

Why Us?

Why Us?

We are unique in a number of ways!

Zero Knowledge

PIIAuth does not become a host of any PII. No PII is shared with PIIAuth at any point of the PII handling cycle, eliminating needs of consent collection, facilitating a universal resolution for the PII handling problem at scale, and for all

No APIs Exposed

As a PII Host, you will not need to take on the challenge and costly operation of exposing public APIs. The smarts behind PIIAuth's protocol empowers PIIAuth to facilitate PII Authentication without the active involvement of a PII Host, and without requiring to maintain any PII

Easy and Low-Cost to Adopt

1 API call to create a PII certificate for a PII Host, 2 API calls per verification for PII Verifiers with low-cost per-successful-verification pricing

See It in Action

Get in touch to book a demo to see how easy it is to adopt PIIAuth as a PII Host or PII Verifier, empower other organizations to verify the details of your customers and set your organization free of taking on the trouble of maintaining PII.

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